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lupe fiasco.


[His answer when asked about his tweet]
"I don’t want people to think Kendrick is like Lil Wayne or like 50 Cent….this is not G-unit, ya know what I mean? Like my boss is not Kendrick. Kendrick did not sign me. Kendrick did not add me to his group. It’s a collective long before it was Black Hippy and we were all together. I just wanted that to be known, to the world. Don’t get the wrong idea. We are not like band members. We don’t just stand in the background and dance when Kendrick raps. Me and Kendrick aren’t co-workers, That’s my brother. That’s my family. He deserves everything that’s happening. I will answer every question about him. I’m not bothered by that at all. Kendrick’s success assists my success. He’s gonna be in a platform to present me to his audience one day and if I’m ready, maybe they’ll accept me too. For the record, TDE, we are a family. Those are my brothers. I’ll take a bullet for them. This is not work. Sure, we competitive. We all wanna be #1, but I want to see all of them be #1. If it’s not me, it’s gotta be one of them. For the record, I’m not bothered by Kendrick Lamar questions. Ask them all. I’ll answer them all." – Ab Soul.


The King

Kendrick first ever mix tape



I’m not even mad, this guy has been a lyricist since 2004.

Glad he eventually found his sound ahahaha